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Phone or video coaching


2 month Course

Attract and Create

Fundamentally change your relationships forever. Discover how to put your past to rest, see how old relationship patterns in love are really run the show and learn how to be magnetic.

Attract and Create
Attract and Create

Time & Location

Phone or video coaching

2 month Course

About The Event

In the Attract and create 3 month program

Month one

  • identify and breakthrough old relationship patterns
  • Set and hold purposeful intention for love
  • Clear hidden blocks to love
  • See the specific ways that you've been the sourced of your past disappointments
  • Learn the keys to transforming toxic relationship dynamics
  • Identify the specific false beliefs that have been sabotaging your ability to create happy healthy love

Month two

  • Learn how to let go of desperately trying to make love happen.
  • Start showing up as the powerful and self respecting person you are
  • Understand the key differences between self-love, self, self-care and self-esteem
  • Align your life with the future you committed to creating
  • Discover how to show up and radiate magnetic irritability
  • Learn how to use obstacles, disappointments and delays as opportunities to deepen in to your own power

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